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Dove shooting in Argentina is a unique experience. The doves are known as “Eared Doves” which fly very fast, they are grey in colour and cousins of the North American Mourning Dove. In the best areas there are quite literally millions of doves flying between the roosts in the hills and the corn fields. Whether you are looking for high volume or high bird dove shooting, a suitable location can be found. The best shooting can be had when the doves leave the roost in the hills for the arable fields to feed. Depending on the topography around they can be very challenging and exciting to shoot. The birds are wild pests and shooting numbers are limited only by the rooms available in the lodges nearby. We will recommend the best lodge and time of year to go which will maximise your dove shooting trip.

A Typical Day

After a sumptuous breakfast, guests depart for the fields at around 8am. The driving distances to the fields range between 3 and 20 minutes in a fleet of air conditioned mini vans. The shooting fields are carefully rotated and rested to assure maximum bird numbers. When you arrive your own experienced and professional bird boy will meet you, provide cartridges, act as a loader, retrieve downed birds and keep cool drinks at the ready! Shooting continues until noon, when the group gathers in a shady grove of trees to compare notes and shots of the morning’s flight. Fantastic food and the world renowned Argentinean beef is cooked on the traditional Asado (or BBQ) and complemented with salads, desserts and fantastic wines. After lunch (and an optional siesta) the shoot continues until approximately 6pm. Upon returning to the lodge, relax with drinks, take a dip in the pool, have a massage and then prepare for supper.

Shooting Season

Argentina: June through to December (High Bird)
January through to May (High Volume)


It should be noted that there are several different seasons in Cordoba and during those seasons the birds change their flying and feeding habits. As a result, the height and quantity of the birds will change. High bird - shooting mostly in the nearby hills where the birds will be high and testing. high volume - shooting takes place in the nearby arable fields where the volume will be higher, but the birds may not be quite as high. Whichever season you choose you will be guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.