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Grouse shooting is known as the “Sport of Kings” and is a magical experience that starts on “The Glorious 12th”. Shooting grouse is quite unlike any other game bird shooting you can do. It breaks all the rules! You can shoot high, low, in front or behind. The variety of shots is tremendous and add the exceptional agility of Grouse, together with their shear speed, you have some of the very hardest bird shooting in the world. Grouse are wild birds and live on high, heather clad hills and moors. Watch them contouring the mauve coloured heathery slopes, providing a truly amazing sporting opportunity. We organise grouse shooting in:

•    England •    Scotland

A Typical Day

Whether you are looking for walked up grouse shooting, driven or both you have a choice. Walked up grouse shooting can be organised for up to six people, driven grouse will be for up to nine people in a line of grouse butts. It does not matter if you do not have a shooting party as shooting can be sorted out for individuals or groups. There is also the option of single or multiple days, on different moors if that is what you desire. Bags sizes can be large or small depending upon the time of year and your requirements. At 9.00am you will be greeted by your loaders and head up onto the hill for this first drive of the day. After the second drive refreshments will include a glass of bubbles and canapés. You will continue shooting a possible two further drives and then retire for lunch in the bothy at the top of the hill. Enjoy a hot lunch or a platter of cold meats and salads. Shooting continues after lunch for an additional two drives, depending on time and weather conditions.

Grouse shooting is a thrilling experience but can be tiring at times. The steep and undulating topography means that there will be an element of walking involved between each drive. There is the option of a mule or all terrain vehicles to transport guests to their butt if required

Shooting Season

UK: 12th August through to 10th December


Days available are constantly changing, so please do contact us so that we can advise the most suitable day for your trip.