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Argentina is renowned for its exceptional dove shooting, but like all shooting trips, it’s not just about pulling the trigger!


Argentina is renowned for its exceptional dove shooting, but like all shooting trips, it’s not just about pulling the trigger!

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Argentina has some exceptional dove shooting and we work with the very best outfitters to ensure that your shooting trip there is outstanding in every way. Experience the culture, the cities, the landscape, the food and the great wines too. Argentina offers so much that a shooting trip there is a must for every keen sportsman or woman. We will ensure that your trip is filled with thrill and excitement – and seamlessly organised from start to finish.

For the best dove shooting in the world we head to the Northern region of Cordoba in Argentina. Here the mild climate, intensive agriculture and perfect roosting conditions produce an ever-increasing numbers of doves. There are reportedly over 32 million in circulation!

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Superb accommodation in private lodges which are close to the shooting fields are all part of the experience. They are well equipped, very relaxing and the perfect place to stay after a great day in the field. We have a range of lodges to choose from depending upon the time of year you would like to travel, group size and budget. Our lodges feature spas with infinity swimming pools, spacious heated Jacuzzi (inside and outside), weight rooms and massage therapy suites to soothe those tired muscles. In the evening, the finest chefs are employed to create outstanding A la Carte menus and culinary experiences not to be forgotten. Start the evening off in the wine cellar and enjoy canapés with some great wines from the Malbec area. The cellar holds an extensive selection of the finest Argentinean reds and whites to match your highest expectations, tastes and palates; we are sure that you will approve!

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We have been to over 40 countries in our quest for the perfect sporting adventure and it is our commitment to creating your perfect, memorable sporting adventure that sets us apart. We take time to understand what makes the perfect shooting trip for you and your guests. Contact us to start your journey…

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