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As soon as you arrive in Iceland you will be exposed to incredible areas of astounding natural beauty both in the towns and even more so in the wilderness.


As soon as you arrive in Iceland you will be exposed to incredible areas of astounding natural beauty both in the towns and even more so in the wilderness.

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Ptarmigan hunting is the most popular wing shooting sport in Iceland and every year we have hunters from all over the world joining us for this exceptional trip. There is only one Ptarmigan species in Iceland, the Rock Ptarmigan. This type of hunting is attractive for many reasons and is always a challenge, it is hard work, so you´d better be physically fit for long days of hiking up and down the mountains. The winter coat for the Ptarmigan is white and therefore it stays close to the snow or on the snowline, so it can be tricky to see them.

The hunter has to find the bird himself by walking through the fields and flush the bird. The Ptarmigan is well camouflaged, white in winter and brown in summer, so one has to keep alert to spot them in time. The ptarmigan is not so difficult to predict. Weather and food play a big role in its behaviour pattern and usually it sticks to its natural habitat, making it relatively easy to trace and find.

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Shooting in Iceland is not just about the sport, its about the adventure, the scenery, the adrenaline. The game-keeper and hunting guides will ensure that you are equipped with the best local knowledge and expertise to tackle the surroundings.
Relax after your day in the lodge that blends into the natural landscape with its black timber cladding and living roof, and the floor-to-ceiling windows around the property that embrace the surrounding peaks. Don’t worry about sore muscles. The lodge’s geothermal-heated outdoor pool, Isopod flotation tanks, and talented massage therapists will relieve any fatigue.

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On Day 1 the hunters are picked up at 14.00 in Reykjavik, you will have dinner on the way to the hunting lodge or at the lodge and then enjoy a relaxed evening by the pool or taking in the views from the hot tub. Day 2 will begin with an early breakfast and then a full days hunting before returning for dinner in the evening. Day 3 will follow the same itinerary as the day before, relaxing in the evening for the final night.  On your last day there will be your final early breakfast and hunting, you will stop hunting around 14.00-15.00 and returning to the lodge for a light lunch, pack and drive to Reykjavik for your departure.

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We have been to over 40 countries in our quest for the perfect sporting adventure and it is our commitment to creating your perfect, memorable sporting adventure that sets us apart. We take time to understand what makes the perfect shooting trip for you and your guests. Contact us to start your journey…

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