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There is always something very special about shooting in Spain. The warm weather, the tapas, the tradition and of course the great partridges.


There is always something very special about shooting in Spain. The warm weather, the tapas, the tradition and of course the great partridges.

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Partridge shooting in Spain is unlike any other driven shooting experience you will encounter. In recent years the Partridge have got higher and the hospitality even better. We are very fortunate to be working with the very best estates that Spain has to offer. We organise partridge shooting in Spain and work with a few of the very best estates who present outstanding birds in beautiful scenery, with exceptional accommodation to match. Vastly different drives can be experienced in the varied Spanish landscape from steep sided rocky valleys, wooded hillsides and gorges to wild herbs and mixed cereal crops covering rolling hills, all provide the perfect topography for partridge shooting in Spain.

The picturesque scenery of Spain provides a sublime backdrop to a choice of accommodation, whether it be a traditional country residence or ancestral palace. Your lodgings set the scene for an exhilarating and challenging shooting trip filled with culture and topped with impeccable hospitality. Upon returning to your accommodation, relax and cool off with a dip in the pool, taking in the exquisite views. Sensational Spanish dishes made from the finest local ingredients will tantalise your tastebuds. You can have anything from informal BBQ lunches, alfresco tapas through to opulent cuisine cooked by top class chefs. Evening meals brim with a sense of occasion and are complemented by exclusive Spanish wines.

Key Facts

We have been working with a few select estates who offer superb shooting, stunning scenery and spectacular hospitality. Whether you are looking to base yourself out of Madrid and drive to the shoot in the morning or travel a little further we have lots of options to discover. Whilst many estates have their own lodges you could always opt to stay in the pretty towns local to the shoots and travel out to the estate the next day. As soon as you arrive in Spain our service is personalised and attention is paid to every imaginable detail of your trip.

The City Package

Enjoy a long weekend of Partridge Shooting in the outstanding Spanish Countryside just a short trip from the golden metropolis of Madrid. A city considered to be one of the richest culinary capitals in Europe boasting beautiful architecture and lively nightlife, you get to experience the best of both worlds!

The Cultural Experience

Experience the true culture of Partridge Shooting in the heart of the Spanish hillsides. This trip takes you to traditional family run estates and accommodation. Offering you thrilling shooting in the day with the warm and cultural hospitality in the evenings.


Enjoy Partridge Shooting on a private estate spanning 1000 hectares and located just 20km Southwest of Palma, this estate has direct access to the coast and stunning views over the Tramuntana Mountains. Offering high quality partridge shooting away from mainland Spain, it boasts perfect habitat and exquisite topography. Accompanied with some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine, overlooking the sea or at the Country Lodge this is a truly beautiful experience.

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