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Superb hospitality in stunning locations, a trip to remember. Enjoy this authentic and thrilling experience in Hungary.


Superb hospitality in stunning locations, a trip to remember. Enjoy this authentic and thrilling experience in Hungary.

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The tradition of driven wild boar hunting dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in the 18th century. At that time it was the privileged hunt of the Emperors, Kings and Aristocratic families. The hunts are performed in the old Royal tradition where hunting guests are placed on different stands (on little platforms as well as on the ground) and the boars are driven towards the guns by beaters and dogs.

Nearly all of the shooting is at running game which is incredible. We are very proud to have access to these private and exclusive Imperial Shooting Estates for driven boar which are west of Budapest. The estates have a very good quantity of Russian wild boar which are well managed. The hunting is traditional, exciting and perfectly organised.

Key Facts

Depending on group size we can offer daily bags of about 30 to 40 boars per day up to 100 wild boars per shooting day with 6-12 guns in line. From the conservation point of view the tradition is important too. Each estate will only organise two, or a maximum of three, shoots per year to ensure the boar population is kept at the right balance. This means that piglets, young boars up to one year, females, small tuskers and big tuskers are taken, not only the big tuskers. This is an important aspect of the shoot.
Shooting at running boar is great fun and quite a challenge too. It is a high adrenaline adventure sport and addictive too! In addition to the boar, we can combine a shoot with high driven pheasants as well.

Accommodation will be reserved to your choice of either the great private Manor House or one of the traditional country Hotels close to the Hunting Estates, west of Budapest. You will be looked after from the moment you step off your plane by a dedicated Host who will ensure that every aspect of your trip is perfectly in place for you and your guests. Hospitality in Hungary is second to none and truly authentic; you will be delighted by the warmth, great humour and excellent food and wines prepared for you.

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We have been to over 40 countries in our quest for the perfect sporting adventure and it is our commitment to creating your perfect, memorable sporting adventure that sets us apart. We take time to understand what makes the perfect shooting trip for you and your guests. Contact us to start your journey…

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