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The bonefishing capital of the World! The excitement and anticipation of bonefishing has no equal in the flyfishing world.


The bonefishing capital of the World! The excitement and anticipation of bonefishing has no equal in the flyfishing world.

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The Bahamas are the bonefishing capital of the world. The fishing on Abaco is of top quality and far less crowded than on the better-known island of Andros. The famous Marls on the west side of the island offer over 200 square miles of first-class bonefishing flats which also give anglers an occasional shot at permit and tarpon in the summer. On the east side, the sandy flats at Cherokee Sound provide more great bonefishing options, including some gorgeous white-sand wading flats.

The excitement and anticipation of bonefishing has no equal in the flyfishing world. Stalking these spooky fish in beautiful shallow waters, casting delicately to a cruising shadow and then trembling with tension as the reel screams out to a fantastically powerful five-pounder is one of the most complete fishing experiences. And visually bonefishing is a glorious enterprise, with diverse wildlife on the flats, stunning colours and frequently exquisite weather. Even if the fish are moody and disinclined to play, the whole experience of being out on the water, far away from civilisation, is deeply rewarding.

The Delphi Club on Abaco is a small luxury hotel and fishing lodge in an idyllic wilderness location. Its guests enjoy the best of Bahamas bonefishing, brilliant birding and a wide range other activities in one of the Bahamas’ hidden beauty spots.

Surrounded on three sides by dense and pristine woodlands and coppice, the Delphi Club is a haven for wildlife. In the nearby mangrove wetlands may be found a huge expanse of unspoiled bonefishing flats and superb habitat for a wide array of wading birds and other wildlife.

Delphi Club Lodge was designed in the style of an 18th-century colonial plantation house, with large wrap-around verandahs, the 8-bedroom hotel stands on a high ridge to catch the sea breezes and panoramic ocean views. It’s a romantic getaway, a luxury bonefish resort and a birder’s paradise all rolled into one.

Key Facts

The Delphi Club overlooks an idyllic beach called Rolling Harbour on the east coast of Great Abaco, about half an hour south of Marsh Harbour. This secluded, tranquil lodge surrounded by dense vegetation,  standing some fifty feet above sea level; offering some beautiful panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Club’s food is some of the best in the Bahamas. The head chef has worked in several top restaurants in Europe and the Caribbean. The food is simple, fresh and delicious, making optimal use of local ingredients.

Bonefishing is a year-round activity in the Bahamas, although the Club usually closes for the height of the hurricane season in August and September.

From the outset, the Delphi Club has aimed to please the non-fishing fraternity just as much, with emphasis on indulgent cuisine, a beautiful location, and a wide range of options for passing the time. Whether you are looking for something adventurous or relaxing, we can work with you to ensure you have the best trip possible with Criddle Fieldsports.

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