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On hand every step of the way.

On hand every step of the way.

Our Shooting Chauffeurs

We offer a complete concierge service from the moment you arrive to the final good byes on the last day.

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Our Shooting Chauffeurs

We can organise a meet & greet service at the airport, assistance with guns & clearing customs, transfers to hotels and a personalised friendly driver for the duration of your entire trip.

The service of our shooting chauffeurs includes; transport to and around the estates, assistance with shooting kit, loading during the shoot, offer friendly advice, clean the guns at the end of the day and help with kit management.

All of drivers are equipped with the latest Landrover Discoveries which are wonderfully comfortable and very practical for on and off road experiences.

Our team are extremely welcoming and fun friendly characters that are on had at all times to ensure your journeys are as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.


Planning a Shooting Holiday?

If you have planned a Shooting Holiday with Criddle Fieldsports then our Shoot Chauffeur service can extend further than the shooting grounds. We can plan, provide and assist with any part of your trip. Whether you have decided to have a day in between your shooting to take in the local sights, enjoy exceptional food in some of the best restaurants or simply want to relax at a spa. With our expertise we can organise your whole day from picking you up to selecting the finest restaurants in London.

Experienced, approachable, attentive and knowledgeable, our Shooting Chauffeurs will really add to your day.
Talk to Our Sporting Adventure Experts

We have been to over 40 countries in our quest for the perfect sporting adventure and it is our commitment to creating your perfect, memorable sporting adventure that sets us apart. We take time to understand what makes the perfect shooting trip for you and your guests. Contact us to start your journey…

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