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Pheasant shooting requires a combination of promising terrain and excellent management in order to provide consistently good sport. In England amazing birds and tradition elevate the sporting opportunity into a social occasion like no other. The all-important topography to meet the demand for challenging birds in a spectacular landscape is what we look for. Providing an exciting and fulfilling days shooting is a part of it but it is essential to find a day that suits your own individual ability. At Criddle Fieldsports we take the time to match our sporting estates to you, so that we can provide the right kind of shooting. We offer pheasant shooting in:

•    England •    Wales •    Scotland •    Hungary •    Czech Republic

A Typical Day

Pheasant shooting is available for individual guests to join a line and whole teams, with up to nine guns in total. The days which are available are constantly changing; please contact us so that we can tailor your package to a convenient date that will maximise your shooting experience. The day generally starts at 9.15 am, where you are greeted with tea, coffee and biscuits. On some shoots you meet in a little bothy on the top of a hill, in a shoot lodge and some in a castle. Loaders and instructors can be arranged. Once pegs have been chosen, enjoy a couple of drives before elevenses in the field A well deserved break at lunch time will consist of a three course menu, accompanied by fine wines and specially reserved ports. Compare shooting stories, warm through and prepare for an exhilarating afternoon. After additional afternoon drives, you can discuss shots and the days bag with afternoon tea, a glass of bubbles and a few “tall” stories, before relaxing in your chosen accommodation. Everyone will receive a prepared, oven ready brace of birds to enjoy at home.

Shooting Season

UK: 1st October through to 1st February
Czech Republic:  20th October through to 20th January
Hungary: End of October through to mid February


The weather is generally warmer in October and gradually cools through to February. However, great pheasant shooting is available throughout the season.