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Grouse update & Shooting Availability

The year seems to be flying by with summer making a late but well received appearance. Estates are once again a hive of activity with birds being released and the keepers busily gearing up to deliver a fantastic season. There is no doubt we have had our ups & downs over the last eighteen months; but one thing for sure is that we are determined to enjoy ourselves and make the most of our past times with shooting being at the top of the list! Shoot bookings have been strong all year with most estate diaries fully booked. This is undoubtedly a combination of people making up for missed opportunities last year along with the growing confidence that we will (hopefully) be able to enjoy an uninterrupted season.

How do things look?

With the start of the grouse season just three weeks away, we would usually be gearing up, getting some practice, and looking forward to loading the car on the eve of the glorious twelfth. Unfortunately, this will not be the case this year… The grouse have suffered what is becoming apparent to be one of their worst breeding seasons for many years due to such late cold and wet weather in May. We have seen large numbers of early days cancelled with many moors holding on to September days to see if late hatches prove more successful.

Keepers are still reporting very young chicks so fingers crossed there may be some late flurries in certain parts of the UK. It is not all doom and gloom though; Scotland is reporting average counts and some keepers quietly confident which is most likely due to the later hatch date.

So, if you are fortunate enough to have any grouse days in the diary it will be one of those years to really saver the moment, respect such a wonderful bird and appreciate everyones’ tremendous efforts in making our livelihoods and passion possible.


However, we certainly will not be standing still waiting for the partridge season. Over the past two years we have been developing our simulated grouse set up in North Cheshire on the edge of the beautiful Peak District. We are now delighted and privileged to be running a proper simulated driven grouse day on High Peak Moor. The set up replicates the closest experience to the real thing. Strategically hidden traps amongst the heather allow us to show targets that really do mimic the flight pattern of grouse encompassing five drives with the guns standing in grouse butts. As with all of our days, we have the desire to put on a brilliant day out for friends & family, so you have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional hospitality, soak in the wonderful countryside and escape from the madness of the world for a short while.

Please see further details and dates available below as well as a small selection of other fantastic opportunities. We would be delighted to hear from you with any requirements which you may have for the coming season and please do call or email us at any time.

With best regards,

Will & Alex






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Grouse update & shooting availability